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ViralClean is Here to Help You Inspire Confidence & Keep Communities Safe

ViralClean is Here to Help You Inspire Confidence and Keep Communities Safe We’re passionate about helping kids and communities. And … that’s where our story begins. Kids deserve to learn and socialize in-person and school administrators are on a mission to make that happen. We're making that possible. Communities need face-to-face human interactions to thrive and succeed. COVID took that from us all -- and we said never again! So we set out to make a difference, and in return created something remarkable. Some might even say revolutionary.

UV-C light has been around for decades successfully sanitizing and disinfecting. The power of UV-C light is proven and undeniable.

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Proven Results & Performance

It’s a Fact. UV-C Light is Proven!

UV-C light has been in use for decades sanitizing hospitals, care facilities and other areas where virus elimination and the protection of health is critical.Throughout the years, UV-C has gone through extensive testing. .

But don’t take our word for it. We invite you to pour through the proof and study the evidence.

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Our Unique Delivery System

For a Standard 30’ by 30’ Room Ceiling Height 9 Feet and Under

UV-C is a proven effective sanitizer and has been for years and years. That’s nothing new. What is new is the ViralClean one-of-a-kind delivery system. That’s the secret sauce and by far the most important part of the UV-C solution.

ViralClean moves. The proven power of UV-C light rides along a proprietary track system sanitizing spaces from above. It’s like a trolley.

What’s the benefit? The movement of the light shines its effective sanitizing powers to areas and shaded spots that non-moving stationary UV-C lights simply can not.

Market Feasibility Studies

We started out with a mission to help keep kids in school. It didn’t take long for others in the communities to see the benefits that ViralClean can make in other spaces and pretty much wherever people gather. And that’s the beauty of our unique solution. Other uses for this system are endless! Is your business, organization or industry next?



ViralClean is the only UV system of its kind that moves all types of light, including UV-A,B, C, 222Nm, 254Nm, 270Nm, anywhere it's needed.

Partnering with Ushio, ViralClean integrates the Care222® Filtered Far UV-C lamp module with our proven, ETL/UL patent-pending programmable low-voltage track system. The perfect solution for disinfecting areas that are occupied. This one-of-a-kind moving UV light system now makes disinfecting spaces affordable everywhere.

ViralClean’s patent-pending track system works with any and all types of light, not just UV-A,B,C, and runs on safe low-voltage providing enhanced benefits to existing lights. Imagine all the possible applications and vertical cross-over markets for this versatile cost-saving system.

Whenever and wherever you need light ViralClean provides powerful benefits, promotes sustainability, retention and lower energy costs. ViralClean is your smart, affordable, safe, proven and effective solution.

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Our Products

ViralClean Trolley System

For OCCUPIED Areas “VCT 222”
Featuring the USHIO Care222®
Filtered Far UV-C Lamp Module.

ViralClean Trolley System

For UNOCCUPIED Areas “VCT 270”

The Solution for Buses

"VCT 270-B"

Specifically designed for occupied School Buses.

In Room Air Duct Sterilization

"VCT-270Nm" Specifically designed for HVAC systems.

ViralClean fits in most spaces regardless of where those places may be. From schools to offices to airports and healthcare facilities and more. The possibilities are endless.

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