Our Unique Delivery System

Our Unique Delivery System

For a Standard 30’ by 30’ Room Ceiling Height 9 Feet and Under

UV-C is a proven effective sanitizer and has been for years and years. That’s nothing new. What is new is the ViralClean one-of-a-kind delivery system. That’s the secret sauce and by far the most important part of the UV-C solution..

ViralClean moves. The proven power of UV-C light rides along a proprietary track system sanitizing spaces from above. It’s like a trolley.

What’s the benefit? The movement of the light shines its effective sanitizing powers to areas and shaded spots that non-moving stationary UV-C lights simply can not.

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The moving trolley system makes all the difference. Most methods on the market today use static UV-C light. That means that they hang a fixture on the wall or ceiling and claim that by simply hanging thre, in that one spot, it is effectively sanitizing your space. That simply is not true.

ViralClean hits those pesky shadow areas and hard to reach spots that other static, stationary lights can not. UV-C light, just like regular household lighting, is delivered in a cone shaped pattern. Without sufficient placement and overlap, there will be spaces that are left untouched, and that means unsanitized.

The other benefit is that ViralClean cuts the cost of UV-C protection in half! That’s right, it cuts costs by a whopping 50%, and in some cases even more!

Why is ViralClean less expensive than those other products on the market? The systematic moving of the UV-C lights means you need fewer UV-C lights. That’s right! Fewer expensive lights, means less cost for you. Making ViralClean less costly and more effective.

And that’s not all.

The unique ViralClean trolley system is modular and can be modified for almost any space regardless of size and scope.

ViralClean is also prepared for the future. What do we mean? As new technologies in lighting are developed, which they constantly are, our system adapts to the times and is already prepped for easy bulb replacement using the same moving track system. Awesome, right? So, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes next without having to start over or having to spend more money and time on labor.

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In addition to the Delivery Method, Here’s What else you need to know about UV-C Light. What Matters, and WHY!


A CRITICAL factor when assessing system effectiveness and matching that to your sanitizing needs. We’ve all seen them. Those handheld products where a technician waves their magic UV-C wand over an area and proclaim it to be sanitized. That simple isn’t the case.

UV-C light works in an algorithmic fashion, meaning that the power of the UV-C light and the exposure time work together to sanitize the space. The lower the UV-C power, the longer the time required to complete the sanitation process. ViralClean is proven to be more than 90% effective in less than 15 minutes and more than 99.9% effective in less than 30 minutes.

So, if you are working with a provider that claims that by simply waving a wand over a space is effective at sanitizing, ask for the proof.

Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)

A KEY DIFFERENTIATOR when it comes to applications like Schools, Buses, Airports, and other applications where air flow is a factor. You see, aerosols moving through the air are one of the most difficult issues to deal with when sanitizing a space. The faster air moves through the space the more difficult it is to sanitize. That’s where CFM comes in. ViralClean has been proven up to 99.9% effective with an airflow as high as 1600 CFM. Other’s solutions simply can’t match that.

So, when evaluating the solution that best meets your needs, be sure to consider CFM.

UVC Light Range

An Important Safety Factor when assessing your needs for occupied and unoccupied spaces. Even though UV-C has been proven safe for humans over decades of use, there are exceptions. If the UV-C light range is above 230nm then humans, animals, or any other living thing you don’t wish to harm, should not be in the space. It’s true, UV-C light in the range above 230nm can be more efficient at sanitizing the space in less time, but that only works if your space is unoccupied. That’s why ViralClean has two options when it comes to your UV-C light sanitation needs; one for occupied spaces and one for unoccupied spaces.

Make sure that you fully understand the difference when assessing the right solution for your space.

The Space Itself

Every space is different and requires a different sanitizing approach. All aspects of the space must be considered to implement the most effective system. Do you need to sanitize surfaces, air, or people? The answer is probably all three!

Make sure you are working with a supplier that is considering all the variables of your application and designing a system that works for you. All the variables discussed here, plus others, should be proactively brought to your attention based on a site assessment. That’s how ViralClean works. We assess the space, bring all the important variables to your attention, and then present a solution that optimizes the sanitation process for you.

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