Proven Results & Performance

Proven Results & Performance

It’s a Fact. UV-C Light is Proven!

UV-C light has been in use for decades sanitizing hospitals, care facilities and other areas where virus elimination and the protection of health is critical.Throughout the years, UV-C has gone through extensive testing.

But don’t take our word for it. We invite you to pour through the proof and study the evidence.

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Safety is, of course, our number one priority. If you’re concerned about the environment and the residual effects disinfecting sprays and chemicals may have on our health, you’ll be pleased to know that ViralClean doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, toxins or sprays.

Now more than ever virus-free environments are essential. That includes protection against the common cold, the ever changing strains of flu, other harmful pathogens, COVID, and what ever comes Next!

With ViralClean YOU take back control. YOU will lead the way in protecting your students, teachers, colleagues, constituents, customers … Every single person who comes in contact with your space.

ViralClean puts the power in your hands. You can NOW be PROACTIVE, rather than reactive to the dangers of viruses, molds and more … to the lost retention in schools, the billions of dollars lost in business productivity, and the damage it does to our confidence, social interaction, health & wellbeing, and our ability to have fun, live our lives and feel safe.

We say “enough is enough”. Join us in this revolution to take back our lives, stay open and live productive happy lives. The solution is here with an affordable simple, proven sanitation system that works.

See how ViralClean can revolutionize the way you keep your space germ and virus free in a safe, effective, responsible way. ViralClean is affordable and qualifies for CARES Act and ESSER Funding.

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